Program Description

My Daddy Taught Me That

My Daddy Taught Me That is a non-profit agency providing mentoring programs for middle and high school youth in the Greater Asheville, North Carolina area. The program forms partnerships with local schools, low income housing developments, the juvenile court system, churches (and other faith groups), and social service agencies and many more to foster a commitment to adolescent male youths that promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, good decision-making, acceptance of responsibility, and accountability for their actions.

The Mission of My Daddy Taught Me That is to assist in developing young males into Righteous, Respectable, and Responsible MEN through empowerment, education, and support.


Program Model and Outline:

1. Men’s Discussion Group and Community Meals

MDTMT meets twice weekly for two hours for a meal and discussion group which addresses the following core objectives:

  • Awareness of global, national, regional, and local history and current events

  • Leadership Development

  • Healthy Relationships & Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution & Decision Making Skills

  • Anti-Oppression Education

  • Academic Tutoring, Helpful Study Habits, Standard Testing Preparation, & College preparation

  • Personal Coaching & Personal/Professional Development Plans

  • Emotional Literacy & Mindfulness Practices

  • Budgeting

  • Employment Preparation & Career Training

  • Sex Education “Making Proud Choices Curriculum”

  • Nutrition & Exercise

2. Life Changing Events

MDTMT takes the youth on experiential field trips, events, and educational tours, encouraging participants to expand their worldview and interest in the possibilities for their life aspirations. Examples:

  • Million Man March in D.C.

  • Tour colleges including but not limited to Morehouse College, Spelman College, North

  • Carolina Central University, Winston Salem State University

  • Tours of Martin Luther King, Jr’s home, church, and memorial and Civil Rights Museum

  • Historical, cultural, and art exhibits

  • Music and Cultural Festivals

  • Camping and hiking trips

  • Carolina Panthers football and Charlotte Hornets games

  • Paint ball, bowling, miniature golf, hosting fashion shows, helicopter and small plane excursions

3. Education


  • Weekly tutoring

  • Monitor academics via partnerships with the schools’ counselors and teachers

4. Career Training


  • Partnerships with local employers to support MDTMT members seeking work

  • Electrician training program

  • Music production training program

  • Building interview skills, resume building, work ethic development, and money management

  • Community volunteering